5.8GHz AHD RF Modules


5.8GHz AHD Wideband FM Transmitter

  • Built-in Worldwide 5.8GHz ISM Band RF IC
  • Compact size
  • Support NTSC and PAL video format
  • Comply with CE/FCC EMC regulation
  • FM-FM modulation/demodulation scheme
  • Typical 7 channels by PLL synthesizer
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Airwave 5.8GHz AHD wideband video wireless RF modules contain one Transmitter and one Receiver. Using of the most popular 5.8GHz ISM band and being designed with high reliability, Airwave RF modules, AWM6W3V_TX and AWM6W2V_RX, can transmit/receive a wide band video signals up to 140M in open area.
  • Worldwide 5.8GHz ISM band
  • Compact size and low power consumption
  • Highly efficient wideband FM modulation scheme
  • Compatible with AHD 1.0 video formats
  • Integrated high power PA and video pre-emphasis in a single module.
  • 7 selectable RF channesl
  • DIP or slide switch for channel selection
  • Wireless AHD Sender
  • Surveillance
  • Wireless Camera